Mead Orchard
Address: 15 Scism Road Tivoli, NY, 12583
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About Us
Mead Orchards is a beautiful Hudson Valley farm that was owned and operated by three generations of the Mead family from 1916-2018. Although ownership has changed over, Chuck Mead still operates as the general manager at this time. We produce a wide range of fruits and vegetables, with over 30 acres of the farm dedicated to producing our locally famous apples (of which we grow over 40 different varieties). Our apples and peaches are Eco-Apple certified through Red Tomato. The use of integrated pest management practices, or IPM, is our key to ecological production while maintaining high quality fruit.
We distribute locally; partnering with local CSAs and selling to local food hubs, restaurants, and farmers markets. We also open our farm from June- October for pick-your-own and our on-site farm-stand throughout the season (strawberries, sweet cherries, tart cherries, blueberries, peaches, apples, pumpkins).
We also sell some value-added products (applesauce, tomato sauce, etc). We use our own sort out fruit to make apple cider and cherry-apple cider that we press in our own on-site cider room, and pasteurize with UV instead of heat.