Owl Wood Farm
Contact: Lindsay Fisk and Mark Bascom
Address: 10 Winters Way Salem, NY, 12865
Email Address:
Phone: 845-214-5402
About Us
Owl Wood Farm is located in the Upper Hudson River Valley in Jackson, New York, in between Cambridge and Salem. Mark and Lindsay grow using bio-intensive techniques on 1 acre utilizing hand tools and a walk-behind tractor. We focus on creating highly fertile soils with compost and the proper balance of soil amendments including trace minerals, and utilize minimum tillage practices. We plant a wide variety of vegetables for local farmer's markets and wholesale. We currently sell at the Saratoga Farmer's Market, Cambridge Farmer's Market and Coop, Bolton Landing, and several restaurants.

We produce Certified Naturally Grown vegetables that are as healthy as possible for us, the land, and the community.