Grazin Acres
Contact: Nathan & Meghan Mattison
Address: Wolfe Ln Salem , NY, 12865
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Phone: 518-879-8108
About Us
Grazin’ Acres is a small, family farm dedicated to raising healthy, happy animals. The farm is owned and operated by Nathan and Meghan Mattison. Our goal is to provide local people with local, high quality, economical food. It is located in Hebron, New York. We raise grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, pasture raised pork, and pasture raised, non-GMO chicken and eggs.

In 2011 we had a small herd of cattle, but had just started selling some beef as halves and wholes. That summer we raised a few pigs; 1 for ourselves and some for friends. We enjoyed the pigs so much that in January of 2012 we bought some piglets. Of these pigs we kept the females breeding and the males we processed and began our first farmers' market in Greenwich that summer. Since then we slowly expanded our operation to include meat chickens, egg layers and lamb. We now sell our meat at the farmers' market in Glens Falls on Saturday mornings and the Chestertown market during the summer. We also sell to a few local stores and work with CSAs in New York City and the tri-counties.

We currently have 25 head of cattle; steers, calves and cows. The cows are red and black Angus; the calves and steers are half Simmental. The calves are born and raised outside with their mom's until 8 months old when they are moved to a group of calves.

Lamb is still a new endeavor for us. The last two years we have finished a few lambs, but have not settle on a breed.

We also have 15 sows and 3 boars. We raise our own piglets from Heritage breed pigs. We have Berkshires, Old Spots, Tamworths, Red Wattle and Hereford breeds.

Our meat chickens are also a Heritage breed, Kosher King.

We have a flock of around 80 chickens of a variety of breeds including Silver Laced Wyandottes, Black Australorps, Buff Orpingtons and Ameraucanas.
We strive to ensure a stress free life through our care for our animals. We employ sustainable farming techniques for a better environment for us and you.

Our philosophy is to let animals live as nature intended. All our animals therefore enjoy pasture life. We do not feed antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. Grass and sunshine add the most flavor to our meats; it’s a difference you can taste.