Liquid Assets Coffee, Tea & Spice CO.
Contact: Fred Cashmere
Address: PO Box 1318 Troy, NY, 12181
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Phone: 518-929-0198
About Us
Liquid Assets Coffee, Tea & Spice Co. began as a labor of love for owner Fred Cashmere over 25 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts. Fred’s quest for the perfect cup of coffee ignited his passion for roasting coffee beans.
Roasting coffee is one of Fred’s true passions. He considers coffee neither a ‘product’, nor Liquid Assets Coffee, Tea & Spice Co. simply a business. Rather, it’s an ongoing learning experience derived from daily contact with our clients. Fred’s mission is to share his enthusiasm for coffee with others who in turn enrich his desire to achieve the perfect cup.

Liquid Assets Coffee, Tea & Spice Co. purveys coffee to select retail stores and restaurants as well as to individuals. Fred’s attention to detail and his comprehensive knowledge of coffee enables us to provide our clients with the freshest, richest coffees on the market.
We believe that by directly investing in family coffee farms, those farms can improve the quality of their coffee and in turn be paid more per pound. Higher quality coffees are more costly per pound but is worth the cost in flavor, and rareness in its sustaining value to the farmer’s life. Over 25 years ago, we established that we only use premium hand selected coffees that are fully ripened and mature. This quality extends further than just Arabica, which explains why our coffee is so unique. Our support of family coffee farms is a four to six year investment to develop a higher quality coffee and ultimately a higher quality of life for the farmer