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MX Morningstar Farm grows a diverse array of vegetable crops on 30 acres in the Claverack/Hudson area. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality produce to our local customers. Through our farm store, farmers’ markets, CSA, restaurants customer, and wholesale distributors we serve the communities of Eastern New York, Western Connecticut, New York City, and the Berkshires.

We believe that managing a farm in a holistic and balanced way improves the flavor and productivity of the food we grow, benefitting our community and society as a whole. We farm using sustainable practices designed to maintain and build the health of our land long into the future.
At MX Morningstar Farm we believe that soil health is essential to the well-being both of agricultural ecosystems and of agrarian communities. Our cropping, cultivating, and fertilization practices, as well as our management style, are all founded on that belief. We grow our produce without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We build soil fertility primarily through the use of cover crops, also known as green manures. In any season, a portion of our land will be in vegetable production, while the remaining acreage will be in soil-enhancing cover crops. Crop rotation allows us to minimize pest and disease pressure, rest fields periodically, maintain a good program of weed reduction, and build organic matter. We believe in comprehensive and balanced management that understands each part of a farm as integral to the whole.