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Argyle Cheese Farmer
Contact: Marge & Dave Randles
Address: 990 Coach Hill Road Argyle, NY, 12809
Phone: 518-638-8966
About Us
Randles Fairview Farm has been in operation for more than 150 years. As current partners and caretakers for the future, Dave and Marge Randles decided to move into the value-added dairy market as a way to help the farm achieve greater, more controlled rates of return.

With extremely high quality milk on their 50 cow herd, Dave and Will Randles have an outstanding resource for this type of operation. The Argyle Cheese Factory was born after much work and discussion. Located in Argyle, NY, about 30 minutes from Saratoga Springs, cheese-maker Marge Randles uses milk produced on-site at the family farm to create high-quality yogurts and artisan cheeses.

While the product-line is always a work-in-progress, Marge began with yogurts and has since expanded her line of products to include cheeses, cheese spreads, cheesecakes, breads, greek yogurt, gelato and most recently, cultured buttermilk. Argyle Cheese Farmer is also the first in the area to offer yogurt in a recyclable, returnable glass container.
Argyle Cheese Farmers use no synthetic hormones and grow 100% of their forages fed to the cows. All products are locally produced in Washington County.