Long Days Farm
Contact: Edwin Schiele and Debby Jaffe
Address: 42 Durfee Rd Buskirk, NY, 12028
Email Address:
Phone: 518-677-8128
About Us
Our family runs a small diversified vegetable and berry farm in beautiful South Cambridge, NY. We pack a lot into our 1.25 acres under cultivation, specializing in the flavorful and colorful.

Ever try a purple carrot? A golden beet? An orange cauliflower? A white eggplant? A yellow watermelon? We have them all. We grow 6 varieties of garlic that come from all over the world from the coast of Maine to the Pskem River Valley in Uzbekistan. We grow over 20 varieties of cherry tomatoes in all shapes and colors. Our hot peppers range from the comparatively mild Hungarian Wax to the hot hot hot African fatali.

In addition, we have 50 totally free-range (no fences) heritage hens that produce some of the best eggs in the area.
It is important to us that we run our farm in a healthy sustainable manner. We use no herbicides, and the few materials we use to control pests and protect against fungal diseases are approved for organic use. All material we use to increase the productivity of our soil is also approved for organic use. All crops and cover-crops are GMO free

We feed our hens locally grown and produced non GMO feed.