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Row by Row
Contact: Dakota and Mira Miller
City: Hurley, NY,
About Us
Row by Row Farm was founded in 2013 by Dakota and Mira Miller. We met while studying agriculture on a small farm in central Israel. It was there that we cultivated our dream of owning and operating an organic produce farm. After working on farms for several years we decided to take the soil into our own hands. It is with great care for the environment and it’s biological diversity that we aim, along with our farm crew and market employees, to grow nutrient-rich food for an expanding array of customers.

In the winter of 2016 we moved to a permanent land base and Row by Row Farm is now settled on 140 acres of prime vegetable cropland in Hurley, NY. We are focused on rebuilding what was once a multi-generation vegetable farm. The farmland has been under organic practices since 2014 and it is with a sense of great pride that we are continuing to nurture the land back to a healthy and productive state.

We do not take the opportunity of stewarding our sliver of the historic “Hurley Flats” lightly and are dedicated to continuing our agricultural journey with a sense of permanence and long term growth.
We have been dedicated to using organic methods from the first farms we worked on and have been certified organic through NOFA-NY since 2017. We are committed to producing high quality and nutritious produce while building the foundation of our farm; the soil.

We aim to build an environment that decreases pest and disease pressure in order to limit the need for organic pesticides. We do this by utilizing crop rotation and soil building cover crops. We have implemented a long term cover crop plan that helps us to build the fertility of the soil. We believe that a healthy farm is one that includes long and short term cover crops and periods of rest from the demands of vegetable production.

In addition to these practices we have invested in tillage equipment that is less aggressive so we can reduce the impact of vegetable production on the soil structure. We use a no-till grain drill to plant our cover crops which allows us to minimize tillage and soil disturbance. We are continually engaged in exploring the least intrusive methods for working the soil.

We serve the health of our soil, customers and nature by choosing not to use synthetic pesticides and fertilizers or genetically modified or fungicide- treated seed on our farm.

We decided to apply for the organic certification because we want new and returning customers to feel confident that we are practicing what we preach. Becoming certified organic means that there is a record of all inputs and practices that we use on our farm. The only thing that changed when we became certified was an improvement in our record keeping on the farm, making the traceability of our practices and products more transparent.

We’re happy to have the opportunity to work with NOFA-NY, as our USDA- organic certifying agency. They are a wonderful organization that helps provide resources, education and technical assistance to farmers.

We are relatively mechanized for our scale and choose to do so in order to maximize field efficiency and in the hopes of maintaining the health of everyone who works on the farm.

In 2019, we transitioned to utilizing the H2A program, a temporary visa program that allows individuals from other countries to access agricultural jobs in the US. This program has allowed our farm to access a level of efficiency and professionalism that we never could have imagined. We think of our H2A crew as professional farm workers. The program allows them to access higher paying jobs in order to provide for their families as well as allowing us to access a group of individuals who are dedicated and experienced.

Dakota and Mira work closely with the farm crew, packing barn manager, and market employees and drivers to bring a consistent and high quality supply of produce to our customers throughout the season.