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Damn Good Foods Inc.
Address: 1002 Hudson Ave Stillwater, NY, 12170
Phone: 518-664-1414
About Us
Have you ever tasted a product, and knew immediately that it could have been made better? That exact attitude is the basis for us starting Damn Good Foods. Regardless of cost and the effort necessary, we will provide only the best possible products, or we simply just won't make it.

Beef jerky. A wholesome snack which is often used by hikers, hunters, campers and anglers. Extremely low in fat and high in protein, make it an excellent choice for an in between meal snack. Unfortunately, most of the jerky available is stereotyped as being chewy and hard to tear with your teeth. Luckily, we were able to develop a process that makes our jerky tender and flavorful. It is so tender that even kids will be able to enjoy its natural goodness. You might though have one problem; keeping enough available.
None of us had any experience in the food industry. Our backgrounds include construction, sales, and every facet of floor care. We view our lack of knowledge as an asset. Since we don't subscribe to the traditional ways of producing products, we have taken great steps to find out how to get the best results. If you dislike the way something is being done, change the rules and do it your way. The outcome can always be better.