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Schoharie Valley Farm
Address: 5605 State Route 30 Schoharie, NY, 12157
About Us
In the early 1700s, German and Dutch immigrants arrived in the Valley to work some of the richest soils of America. Their first crop of wheat was sown and produced a substantial yield. A few decades later, the Schoharie Valley’s wheat fed George Washington’s troops and earned the Valley the title of “Breadbasket of the American Revolution.”.

Through the years, this warm and durable land was adapted to flax, broom corn and other important crops. By the mid-1800s, the cultivation of hops had become the Schoharie Valley’s most famous agricultural industry. Today, we who live in this special place proudly till the same soil and enjoy a quality of life built on our agricultural heritage.

We’re dedicated to growing only top-quality produce, to preserving this historic resource, and to continuing our agricultural heritage for generations to come. Our family welcomes you and your family to the Schoharie Valley. Enjoy its broad fields and soaring cliffs, take part in its history, and bring home the best of its abundance from the Carrot Barn at Schoharie Valley Farms.
The land we farm proves its abundance each and every year, providing you with the best in farm fresh fruits and vegetables. On the best farmland in New York State, we grow our own Top-Quality Produce.

Our produce is picked fresh daily starting with spring spinach and asparagus. Celebrate your summer with ripe tomatoes, tender sweet corn, peppers and all the summer farm bounty. Savor autumn and its color with the harvest of pumpkins, squash, carrots, potatoes, parsnips and other fall vegetables. And there’s always the best hand-chosen non-seasonal fruits and vegetables available.

Our Greenhouses overflow with seasonal selections of plants. Colorful spring bulbs welcome the new season. Decorate your home with beautiful hanging baskets. Fill your garden with flowering annuals and perennials, herbs and vegetables. Hardy mums herald the colors of autumn. Poinsettias fill your home for the holidays, complementing the best in hand-selected trees and wreaths for the holidays.