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Bread Alone
Address: 2121 Ulster Avenue Lake Katrine, NY, 12449
About Us
Bread Alone Bakery is a family owned, values-driven bakery. We have been baking with traditional methods since our first loaf in 1983, and we continue to do so today.
Our vision has not changed since the day that we opened: we create delicious, honest breads and foods that we believe speak to the best in us.
Bread Alone has been baking bread with organic grains since our first loaf in 1983. We believe that organic food production is the right choice for individual health, for our earth, and for the farmers that work our fields. Bread Alone remains the only Certified Organic bakery with daily delivery to the northeast.
Bread Alone delivers fresh every day, and never very far. Our products are made with a commitment to surrounding communities. We purchase dairy, grain, fruits, and vegetables from regional producers, and value relationships in our community.
Bread Alone makes bread using traditional methods of natural sourdough, and long, slow fermentation. This process creates breads that taste better, last longer, and are better for you. Our bread and pastry roster is comprehensive but focused, meeting your needs and maintaining our high quality standard across all items.