R & G Cheese
Contact: Sean O'Connor & Jason Lippman
City: Troy, NY,
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About Us
R&G CheeseMakers is a micro creamery located in the heart of historic downtown Cohoes, NY. R&G makes a variety of goat and cow milk cheeses, from soft to hard, fresh, ripened, and aged. We make a variety of fresh chevres, a line of goat milk camemberts, fresh mozzarella, hard goat cheeses, a new line of blues and some unique creations of our own. Each cheese is made in small batches and hand crafted by our experienced cheese makers.
R&G was founded in 2009 by Sean O’Connor. Sean has been making cheeses for 10 years. He has made cheese for Old Chatham Sheephearding Company, Cappiello’s Fine Italian cheese, Four Brother’s Dairy Goat Farm, and Antonio Mozzarella Factory. In each case Sean was the head cheese maker. After acquiring the knowledge and experience from these companies, Sean decided to open R&G where he could combine the different products and techniques he had learned. Soon after opening Sean was joined by Jason Lippman, former long time creamery manager and head cheese maker at Old Chatham Sheephearding Co. The two have collaborated to create cheeses that have been featured at The US Open Tennis Tournament, Saratoga Race Track and are now a staple of the restaurant scene in the Hudson Valley, from the Catskills to Lake Placid.
R&G has unique relationships with our farmers (all local) and distributors (local, regional and national). These relationships allow Sean and Jason to devote 100% of their attention to cheese making while allowing our partners to do the heavy lifting of farming and logistics.