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Bee Hollow Farm
Contact: Paul MacPhail
Address: 634 Knickerbocker Rd Schodack Landing, NY, 12156
About Us
We are a sustainable apiary raising honey bees throughout the Capital region and Hudson Valley. We maintain approximately 500 honey bee colonies for honey production. We also raise Queen bees and nucleus colonies that we have available to support the beekeeping industry. Our bees are all from Carniolan, over-wintered northern honey bees that survive and thrive in our northeast climate. All of our honey is raw and unfiltered to protect the goodness and integrity of the honey as nature intended.
We harvest our honey at multiple times throughout the season to capture the different nectars and honeys that each flowering season brings. The Spring Wildflowers tend to be light & fruity while the later season honeys are usually darker and more robust. Because it takes millions of flowers to produce a pound of raw honey, the nectar of many different flowers are present in our honey.

All of our honey is raw, meaning that it has not been heated or filtered which would remove the beneficial pollen and enzymes that are present in raw honey. Even our creamed honey is made using the European method which allows us to make creamed honey without ever having to heat the honey, thus maintaining its raw designation. Utilizing the European method takes longer and it is much more labor intensive, but we believe that maintaining the integrity of the honey is of the highest importance.

In raising and maintaining our honey bee colonies, we only use organic practices. We monitor the health and wellness of our honey bee colonies throughout the year, even if that means we must where snow shoes when doing so.