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Healthy Stores
Contact: Capital Roots
Address: 594 River Street Troy, NY, 12180
Phone: 518-274-8685
About Us
Capital Roots’ Healthy Stores program gives fresh, affordable produce a daily presence in urban convenience stores throughout Albany, Rensselaer and Schenectady counties. Since 2011 Capital Roots has developed partnerships with local small-business owners to provide families with fresh alternatives to the canned and processed goods that typically fill convenience store shelves.

Capital Roots installs custom-designed refrigeration units in stores that are located in neighborhoods with limited fresh food access and stocks them with produce twice a week. Affordability and Access go hand in hand. We partner with store owners to limit mark up, so that prices give low income residents, the elderly, children and everyone else the chance to lead a healthy lifestyle.

With the support of Healthy Stores, residents are making healthier snacks and meals with food that is conveniently purchased in their own neighborhoods. Without the power to make healthy dietary choices, residents are at greater risk for obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other nutrition related illnesses.

The Healthy Stores program is generously sponsored by: MVP Health Care