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Twin Ponds
Contact: Bill Bredderman
Address: 156 Sprakers Rd Sloansville, NY, 12160
Phone: 518-965-5506
About Us
Twin Ponds Farm is a diversified family farm located in New York's Schoharie Valley. We use organic methods to produce pastured chicken, duck, turkey and pork. We also have maple syrup produced here on the farm available year round and a self serve farmstand out front. We specialize in producing purebred, registered Tamworth pig breeding stock. We also have organic hay and (in good years) straw available. Christmas wreaths and trees are available in season.
Twin Ponds uses strictly organic practices when raising our chickens and turkeys. Our animals are pasture-raised and are provided a supplemental, organic, non-GMO locally grown barley diet. This unique diet favors the growth of chickens that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids which have a wide array of health benefits. Our barley diet also results in chickens with very minimal yellow-fat deposits, creating a leaner more delicious meat.