Sfoglini Pasta
City: West Coxsackie, NY,
About Us
Here’s the thing about Sfoglini pasta: It combines the very best of Italian technique and American ingredients. Day in, day out, that’s the balance we are striving to achieve. What does that mean? For starters, it means traditional bronze dies and plates on everything we make, which results in the beautiful, rough texture on your pasta (which makes the sauce stick!). In addition, we slow-dry every one of our pastas at a low temperature to preserve both flavor and nutrients.
On the sourcing side, we’re talking fifteen organic durum semolina pastas, always made from the best in North American organic grains. Plus, keeping it close to home, a series of New York State grain pastas made with organic whole grain, rye, emmer, einkorn, and spelt flours. Beyond all that, Sfoglini truly loves our local and small farms, so we produce various seasonal pastas throughout each year.

Bottom line: Sfoglini pastas are made with organic grains grown on North American farms which are always milled in the US, bronze die extruded and slow dried (that good Italian way), and made and packaged with a whole lot of care in New York’s Hudson Valley. It’s all quality from the field to the bowl.