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New York Mushroom Company
Contact: KC and Kristi Mangine
Address: 5779 Lebanon Center Road Lebanon, NY, 13332
Phone: 315-725-1246
About Us
Welcome to Fruit of the Fungi and thank you for your interest in our farm! As a family business, we are committed to growing and producing the finest gourmet mushrooms in Central New York. Our farming adventures began in 2005 when we bought our first home and 47 acres in Lebanon Center, New York.

Our objectives were clear. We were creating a sustainable family business that would provide a future for our family and the land we steward. We work together and value the integrity of hard work. We strive to conserve our resources, not waste them.

In 2007, our adventures led us to the amazing world of mushrooms. We found that gourmet mushrooms are an ideal local product. Mushrooms are difficult to transport while maintaining quality. The established food system cannot compete with the taste, texture, or shelf-life of a fresh picked gourmet mushroom. We promise to deliver only the highest quality mushrooms that we would be proud to serve to our own family. As you enjoy our site and learn about our products, we hope that you will feel as we do, at home. Come visit us at the farm or market and give our ‘fruit’ of the fungi a try.